04 - I'm back...I guess ?

98 multifandom icons

[List]13 Almost Human (mostly for almosthuman_ic)
15 Fringe (one for elite_inspired, others for an unfinished set at season20in20)
6 Haven (two for elite_inspired)
2 Vikings
1 Harry Potter
1 Star Wars
1 The Hobbit
25 Arashi
10 BoA
9 Inoue Mao
15 Kitagawa Keiko

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03 - No, I'm not dead

57 multifandom icons

2 Harry Potter (for wizard_icontest)
4 The Lord Of The Rings (some for the20rings)
1 The Hobbit (for the20rings)
9 Fringe (mostly for fringe_epic)
8 Haven
2 Almost Human
3 Once Upon A Time (one for tellystills)
1 NCIS Los Angeles (for tellystills)
1 Pushing Daisies (for tellystills)
10 Arashi (two of each member)
1 Tangled
5 Dianna Agron
6 Scarlett Johansson
4 Yvonne Strahovski

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02 - Multifandom icons

33 multifandom icons

18 Harry Potter (mostly for hpotterelite, wizard_icontest and malfoy_icontest)
1 Aiba Masaki
4 Matsumoto Jun
1 Emma Watson
3 The Lord Of The Rings (for shire_icontest)
2 The Hobbit (for shire_icontest)
3 Grace Kelly
1 Sons Of Anarchy

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I don't remember everything because I have some ressources since a very long time... So when I'll download new textures and use it, I'll try to automatically add the maker to this post. If you recognize a particular ressource on one of my icon and you're not listed here, please tell me so I can add you.

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