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graphic community of aeris_eledhwen

Welcome to my graphic comm. Here, you'll find icons, tutorials and textures.

Below, you'll find the complete rules of my comm. A condensed version will be written at the end of each entry. Please read them carefully. I don't like to see when people don't read the rules. It takes very little time and it's more respectful toward me and my work :)

ϟ Credit me whenever you use my icons or textures. Either aeris_eledhwen or hufflerin, it's as you want.

ϟ Comments are very welcome ♥ I'm not against concrit either, it always helps to improve, but don't be mean in your comment.

ϟ Do not hotlink please. I wouldn't like to have to reupload something just because people are too lazy. Keep in mind that I can also lost things if I have a problem on my computer, and in this case there's a risk that I will not be able to reupload icons if they don't appear anymore. So really, reupload things, it doesn't take much time and it's better for everyone...

ϟ My icons are not bases, you're not allowed to modify it. The same goes for textures, don't use them to create new ones.

ϟ Don't repost my icons anywhere without my permission. For Fanpop, I have an account, so I can post myself. And I simply don't want to see my work displayed on other sites. Don't share my textures or tutorials either, if you want to do so, just redirect to my comm.

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